Ontario, Canada

From November 6th to Novemebr 15th, Jeffrey Kingsley will be in Portimao, Portugal to participate in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. Kingsley will be apart of TEAM CANADA where he will represent his country. The Grand Finals is considered the “olympics of karting” where the world best compete in a full race schedule where the winner of the final race becomes the newly crowned World Champion. This is Kingsley’s third time as a Team Canada member, second participating, meaning that his goal it to become world champion. Registration will occur on Sunday followed by kart raffle and build on Monday. From then on the racing begins. Tuesday and Wednesday will be practices while Thursday and Friday include qualifying and three heat races. Then comes Saturday where there will be a pre-final and a final of which Kingsley hopes to become the next World Champion.

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Jeffrey Kingsley, the regular pilot of PSL’s Karting Rotax DD2, decided to add a bit more challenge to his weekend for the final ECKC round in Mont Tremblant. Kingsley was going into the final round of the ECKC Championship with a comfortable lead in Rotax DD2. He decided to spark things up a bit and compete in two classes rather than one, Rotax DD2 and Rotax Senior. Through the practice days Jeff was the quickest in both classes and was still learning the difficult transition between the two. The fact that one kart had front and rear brake while the other only had rear, it didn’t stop Kingsley from being the quickest driver on the track. In Senior, Jeff would post 3rd quickest in practice, 5th in qualifying, race to second in pre-final, and finishing 3rd in a wet Final. On Sunday Kingsley would post 5th quickest in practice, 7th in qualifying after troubles, race back up to 2nd in the pre-final, and finishing the final in 5th after chassis issues. In Saturday’s DD2 events, Jeff would qualify 1st, win the pre-final, and finish 4th in the final after some troubles in the rain. On Sunday, Kingsley swept the day being the quickest in practice and qualifying as well as winning the pre-final and final. This was an excellent way to finish the ECKC championship. Kingsley was the Eastern Canadian Rotax DD2 Champion and a member of Team Canada for the World Finals.

ECKC Champion

& Double Class

Kingsley Off To

World Championship

Excitement at

Mosport Karways

Mosport Kartways hosted the third round of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships. The track was newly designed and repaved for 2015. Kingsley hit the track Thursday at noon for practice in the dry and wet practice on Friday. On Saturday, Kingsley qualifying fourth which was a surprise for him. The pre-final was an exciting battle where Kingsley moved up to second. The final, was a very exciting DD2 race where Kingsley and Fred Woodley had an intense battle, back and forth ever lap. The two would collide after a mechanical failure, sending Kingsley into a spin. Third place would drive through on the last lap to take the win while Kingsley rejoins the track in second. On Sunday, Kingsley qualified second, missing out by 5 one-thousandths. In the pre-final, Kingsley would take the win after another battle. The final was the highlight of the weekend and perhaps of the year. Kingsley led the first half of the race, then fell to second, then third, then came up to first again. Kingsley fell all the way back to fourth with five laps to go. After three laps, he made his way back up to first and held it for another two laps to take the win. This was an amazing race with great amounts of battling between the top 5. Kingsley once again increased his championship lead, with the last round in September. Kingsley is back at Mosport August 19-24 for the Canadian National Championship.

International Win

For Kingsley

Jeff Kingsley traveled to Grand Junction, Colorado to participate in round 2 of the US Open. Kingsley isn't competing in the championship, but attended to practice against some of the worlds best as the US Open has some of Europe and Americas best drivers. He arrived on Tuesday to be ready for Wednesday practice and was looking very strong and quite comfortable. In qualifying, Kingsley put his BirelArt DD2 on pole position ahead of Jake French and Ferenc Kancsar. In heat one he fell back to second, heat two second again, heat three took the win, and heat four finished third. These heat races were filled with intense battles, making them an exciting race for the crowd. After the tally up of points, Kingsley was starting on pole position for the final, alongside Ferenc Kancsar and Jake French on row two. Kingsley had a great start pulling a small gap he could use to his advantage. From there on, he never looked back and set fast lap after fast lap with very consistent times. He managed to pull a tenth or two each lap, until he crossed to line as your race winner. This was Kingsley's first win in the US and in an International race. Such a great race to do that on with the level of competition present. Kingsley learned a lot, which was the plan, and made a name for himself.

Double Podium

At ECKC #2

Round two of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships brought Jeffrey Kingsley to Circuit ICAR, 45 minutes north of Montreal. A new track brought joy to Kingsley and he called it "refreshing." Thursday and Friday were practice days where he learned the new track and got prepared for the weekend. On Saturday Kingsley qualified in second position, missing pole by 3 one-thousandths. He then went on to finish in the third position after the pre-final. In Saturdays final, Kingsley defended for majority of the race, in order to protect his lead. He had mechanical troubles, decreasing engine power, but came out with the win on Saturday. These problems continued on Sunday, meanwhile Kingsley was still able to take second in qualifying and third in the pre-final once again. This time being too restricted on power, Kingsley was only able to finish third on Sunday. Kingsley however, still managed to increase his championship lead after the weekend. This double podium put him in a good championship position, but not a comfortable one.

Jeffrey Kingsley testing a USF2000 car with Armsup Motorsports in 2013. Kingsley was 14  years of age at the time.

Jeffrey Kingsley